Elasmyr – A Nation Subdued

10 years have passed and yet still the nation bleeds. The leadership imposed by Khordvar, the brutish nation to the North, continue to squeeze the little remnants of coin remaining with the Elasians while ruthlessly stamping out any unrest that shows itself. For a time, the surviving noble houses of Elasmyr still in a place of power struggled to provide some relief to their people. In the 10 years since the Kords took over though, our will has withered and faded. These nobles have either sold out for their own safety and comfort, been driven from their homes and houses, or worse.

The kingdom has a strong sense of nationality and devotion to their king Valen Storm, though he was executed when the capitol city of Kalmoden was overthrown. No Storm has been heard from since. Now the city’s culture of art and acting has shifted with the ruling class to favor pit fighting with the theatres being repurposed as coliseums. Rorik Khovakal now sits upon the throne as the acting Reagant.

Spread around the edges of the kingdom are regions controlled by the other 5 major cities. To the North is Heiron’s Gate, a city placed in the mountain pass leading to the Northern desert. Well, it once was. Now the orcs control this city along with Holthsheim, a city of mining and industry farther East along the mountains. On the Eastern coast of the kingdom lies Solthen, the oldest city of the kingdom and where our ancestors are said to have landed when they first came to this land. Due South of Kalmodan is Shirenhaal, a city of trade placed between the Sea of Grass to the West and Golden Grove, the elven abode, to the South. Finally, to the West of Kalmodan lies Evanmoore on the coast of a lake by the same name. This city was famed for it’s schools and saw quite a bit of trade with the dwarven cities nearby. Since the fall however the dwarves have cut off contact and the cost of education has increased by such a degree that Evanmoore is a shadow of its former self.

The Fall

It may not be the only war to have happened, but when you say “The War” in Elasmyr, there is little doubt to what you’re referring. Many simply call it The Fall as it happened so quickly and cost so much. Relationships with Khordvar, a nation across the Northern desert, had been tenuous for quite some time. They had little to offer in the way of trade, and we were not eager to send charity their way. In the past they had seen fit to send raiding parties South, but since Heiron’s Gate had been built it seemed that was over with. Khordvar had fallen to little more than a memory to most and they were hardly considered a threat. Vellis Briarstead protected the city well and kept a close watch on the North. What he didn’t expect was an attack from the South. Somehow, Khordvar had struck a deal with the neighboring orc clans who were outgrowing their own lands. Now orcs poured from the tunnels in the mountains like ants from a hill. When the watch sought out Vellis for a strategy they found him at his desk with a dagger in his back. The chaos that ensued only became worse as the first catapaults fell from a Khordvar force approaching from the North. Caught between these two forces with their general dead, Heiron’s Gate fell with next to no losses. Word had hardly reached the other cities when these armies fell upon Holthsheim, and they too quickly fell. King Valen rallied his forces and called to Evanmoore and Shirenhaal for support as the host marched upon Kalmodan and Solthen. Tharen Evantide in Evanmoore however had already received an offer from Khordvar. With the fall of his country seeming inevitable, he accepted and turned his back on Valen, leaving only Simeon Holten from Shirenhaal to aid him. Simeon brought his army North, but fought against bands of orcs who had come raiding down the coast to Solthen. By the time Simeon’s army arrived in Kalmodan, the city was already under siege. He fought in skirmishes against the invading armies, but his numbers were not nearly large enough to contend with the main host. After some time and watching the invaders pillage his land, Valen realized it was only a matter of time before they fell. Rather than see his people suffer he chose to parlay with Rorik of Khordvar. The truce he struck did little to help in the end though, as not a week after entering the city, Rorik placed the king’s head on a pike.

Now, he remains on the throne, ruling from Kalmodan. Heiron’s Gate and Holthsheim are both held by the orcs who’s deal with the Khordvar collapsed after a disagreement in who would gain what land. Solthen and Evanmoore have had rulers imposed by Khordvar, though Tharen Evantide and Torris Mullen still sit on their councils. Simeon Holten was allowed to retain control over his city out of respect for the battles he had won and due to the fact that the elves and neighboring kingdom of Selos threatened to end their trade should that change. Kalmodan has seen a strong segregation in class over the past few years and continues to grow in this manner with those loyal to Rorik seeing reward.