Fall of the City

Just after the fall of Heiron’s Gate, Malak Crass of Khordvar traveled West with a regiment led by Dillan Smolt. Vala Silver, a diplomat of sorts had gone ahead and met secretly with the then-ruler of Evanmoore, Tharen Evantide. By the time Malak and the soldiers approached Evanmoore, the doors came open in trade for Tharen’s life and status. Malak, being of the noble Crass family (a family known for their schemes and manipulation in Khordvar), took reign of the city. Tharen was allowed to retain some status as Malak’s advisor, though the city’s people knew it was a token title at best. Very little blood was shed in this city, though the prouder and more patriotic Elasians lost their lives during riots and the civil dispute that followed the change of leadership. Evanmoore became a sanctuary for many refugees from Heiron’s Gate and the Northern villages that had been sacked in wartime. Although the city was controlled by Khordvar, many refugees saw this as a better option than travelling to parts of the kingdom still in dispute.

City’s Culture

The city was a place of learning before the Fall. This has changed in recent years however as the institutes had been taxed more and more severely until now only the richest of citizens can afford to attend. This combined with the influx of refugees has led to a sharp increase in residents with no trade. At first, the lake on the city’s edge provided jobs for many, but now the waters are overfished and even those who had been in the market prior to the war have fallen into poverty as the worth of their stock diminishes. Compounded with this, the dwarven city of Markarth to the North has closed its doors to Evanmoore and cut off the trade routes previously established. The truth is the city isn’t in the position to support so many, especially without the colleges. This has led to an increase in crimes with robberies and murders growing steadily. The city is turning on itself as the crimes have little consequence so long as the perpetrators avoid targeting a Khord.

The city’s population is made up primarily of humans, with roughly 75% of the population being Elasian, 20% Khord, and the last 5% split among the odd dwarf, elf, or orc that has seen fit to call the city home.

Ruling Class

Lord Malak Crass

Malak only saw the initial portion of the war at Heiron’s Gate. Immediately travelling to Evanmoore he found the city’s doors open for him thanks to Vala Silver and quickly took his seat as Lord of the city. He knows his way around politics and is more than happy to set schemes in motion to get what he desires without confrontation. He holds a tight reign on the city and sees the refugees in the streets as pests, but sees little reason to intervene so long as his safety and comfort are undisturbed.

Advisor Tharen Evantide

Tharen was the previous ruler of Evanmoore during Valen Storm’s reign, but when he saw how quickly Heiron’s Gate fell and knew Khordvar was marching towards him, his spirit failed and he sacrificed the city in favor of saving himself and his people. He struck a deal with Vala Silver and promised her the city in exchange for his safety and status. As such, he still sits the city council and gives council to Lord Malak, but it mostly falls upon deaf ears. He is unhappy with the city’s state, but sees little that can be done as anything more than the words he offers would lead to the deaths of himself or his people if not both. His name is spit upon in the streets by most of the citizens who see him as a coward and a traitor to Elasmyr.

General Dillan Smolt

Dillan Smolt led his men at Heiron’s Gate but by the time they had arrived there was little left to do but sack the city and kill off the stragglers. He was a strong strategist, but enjoyed the thrill of a battle and was disappointed when Evanmoore fell without effort. Dillan pushed to send his men down towards the battles around Kalmodan, but Malak refused, knowing they’d need the men to keep rein on the city. Many believe this has caused contention between the two, but only they could say for sure. Now DIllan serves as the Guard Master, keeping order within the city, at least to some extent. There is obvious favoritism to any that look when it comes to the law, with resources only being expended when it is for a Khord citizen or a noble family. The composition of the watch is unique in Evanmoore as the Elasians gave up without a fight. Dillan saw the value in maintaining the current watch and simply added his own forces to it. Now nearly a third of the watch is still Elasian with the remainder being Khord.

Ambassador Vala Silver

Vala came from Khordvar as an established ambassador. It was through her coercion that the city fell so easily. Not a lot is known of the woman’s demeanor or origin beyond her family’s wealth, gained from their mines and trade in Khordvar. The few times she is seen by the public, she is collected and proper, giving every courtesy that would be expected in an Elasian court. One thing is certain though, and that is that any form of organized uprising has quickly been outted and fallen to shambles with her in position. Rumors about Vala in the city abound as the citizens claim everything from her being part of a family of dopplegangers to being a powerful warlock with demons and devils scouring the city to her coercing and hypnotizing those within the city to turn against their brethren with her fowl enchantments.

Coinmaster Kale Boran

Kale Boran was one of the few Elasians in the city to maintain his position both before and after The Fall as Master of Coin. He’d always been more of an extravagant type, and if anything, The Fall has only amplified that. The people hold him responsible for the increased taxes and failing economy as he has become nothing more than Khord lapdog in their eyes. The man is known to keep those around him content, showering them in gifts and lavish gatherings.


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